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Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge 165 provides many services to Scouting. The lodge is greatly concerned with the upkeep and future of the two council camps, Camp Merz and Elk Lick Scout Reserve. Because of our long tradition of service, the lodge actively participates in projects benefiting these camps during lodge events hosted at the camps, and at such scheduled camp improvement events such as Beaver Day. In order to promote stronger communications between our lodge and our troops, we also hope all troops will identify an Order of the Arrow member in their troop to be the Troop Representative to the Lodge. Please read on.


What is the Troop Representative?
The Troop Representative Program began in 1999, and is an official program of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America. The Troop Representative is an official Junior Leader Position within the troop and serves as an official leadership position just as Senior Patrol Leader or Patrol Leader. The Troop Representative is a youth liaison between the troop and the Lodge and will help to improve communication between these two organizations. The Troop Representative must be under the age of 18.

What responsibilities does the Troop Representative have?
The Troop Representative should help to keep all Arrowmen in his troop informed about upcoming Order of the Arrow events. He should encourage fellow Arrowmen to register and participate in events and should attend as many lodge events as possible. He will also help to promote camping and service opportunities within the unit and will help to coordinate the annual unit elections.

If you are interested in acting as your troop’s Order of the Arrow Representative, please contact your Scoutmaster. If he or you need more information please contact the Council Office. If your Scoutmaster chooses you to serve as the Troop Representative please advise the Council and the Lodge of this appointment. Registration forms are available upon request.