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Chautauqua #165

(Seneca – One has taken out fish here)
Chartered: August 11, 1939 to Chautauqua Council #382, Mayville, NY
Totem: flying eagle
Changes: 1942 absorbed Sah Dah Gey Ah 187; 1973 merged with Allegewi 455 to form Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont 165

Sah Dah Gey Ah #187

(language unknown-meaning unknown)
Chartered: August 6, 1940 to Lake Shore Council #407, Dunkirk,NY
Totem: Eagle
Change: January 1,1942 absorbed into Chautauqua 165
Note: This lodge had no known insignia

Allegewi #455

(Delaware – derivative of Alligewi, a local tribe)
Chartered: June 18, 1951 to Elk Lick Council #499, Bradford, PA
Totem: Chieftain
Change: Merged in 1973 with Chautauqua 165 to form Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont 165

Ga Goh' Sa #547

(Seneca – false face)
Chartered August 3, 1960 to Seneca Council #750, Olean, NY
Totem: Wooden false face
Change: Merged with Chautauqua 165 to form Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont 165

Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont #165

(Seneca – Doorkeeper)
Chartered in 1973 to Allegheny Highlands Council #382, Falconer, NY
Totem: Crane
Change: 1973 absorbed Allegewi 455; 1975 absorbed Ga Goh' Sa 547